My work is designed for your eyes and your heart - not your mind. It is designed to go into your intimate living spaces. It has no political or social commentary, no cultural purpose, no pretension and no subtext. It is a simple spiritual medicine that radiates positivity, perfection, and gratitude.


I use any and all modern tools - ceramic razors, lights, cameras, scanners, and computers, to precisely capture the raw essence of each subject. Once the essence has been discovered, I obsess over every detail. Each pixel of the raw material is respected and cared for - massaged, teased, coaxed, and thus the essence is brought into the foreground in the most intentional way possible. These pixels - individual vibrations of light that comprise a harmonious visual orchestra - are transferred back into the physical world through the printing process. Using materials of metallic paper, pigments, and acrylic glass, the pure essence coalesces into a permanent monument that celebrates and broadcasts the subject’s true essence.


My job as an artist is really that of a Spiritual Information Engineer - to transfer the essence of life, of nature, of the infinite beauty and complexity all around us, into an experience that floods your consciousness with an intentionally calibrated and curated vibrational frequency. This frequency - a physical phenomenon made up of individually selected and calibrated photons - is a recipe designed specifically to alter you, to connect your consciousness with God, with Infinite Intelligence.


I think of my work as “Visual Vitamins”. The imagery carries in it a delicately interwoven prescription designed to heighten your senses and connect your spirit with all intelligence in the universe, in a profound and fundamental way. My work broadcasts energetic frequencies directly into your soul. The more of this essence that I can integrate into your consciousness - the more connected you will become. That is why I use large, saturated, contrasty, reflective imagery. I want to flood your eyes and heart with an intentional prescription of color and beauty. I want to transfer the maximum amount of information - to modulate and ultimately transcend your own personal spiritual frequency.

- Jim Waltrip

Artist Statement

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